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  • Motivational climate in the home: Implications for physical activity, psychosocial outcomes and family relations 

    Sørensen, Marit; Roberts, Glyn; Farholm, Anders (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The impact of motivational climate created by coaches/teachers on children is well documented. There is little knowledge about the motivational climate in the home. This study investigated the perceived motivational climate ...
  • Gendered pathways to elite coaching reflecting the accumulation of capitals 

    Sisjord, Mari Kristin; Fasting, Kari; Sand, Trond Svela (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    While earlier research on coaches’ careers and the development of coaching expertise appears ‘gender blind’, the focus of this article on the underrepresentation of women in elite-level coaching is how various forms of ...
  • The bidirectional associations between leisure time physical activity change and body mass index gain. The Tromsø Study 1974–2016 

    Sagelv, Edvard Hamnvik; Ekelund, Ulf; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Fimland, Marius Steiro; Løvsletten, Ola; Wilsgaard, Tom; Morseth, Bente (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Objectives To examine whether leisure time physical activity changes predict subsequent body mass index (BMI) changes, and conversely, whether BMI changes predict subsequent leisure time physical activity changes. Methods: ...
  • School-based interventions modestly increase physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness but are least effective for youth who need them most: an individual participant pooled analysis of 20 controlled trials 

    Hartwig, Timothy Bryan; Sanders, Taren; Vasconcellos, Diego; Noetel, Michael; Parker, Philip D.; Lubans, David Revalds; Susana, Andrade; Ávila-García, Manuel; Bartholomew, John; Belton, Sarahjane; Brooks, Naomi E.; Bugge, Anna; Cavero-Redondo, Ivan; Christiansen, Lars Breum; Cohen, Kristen; Coppinger, Tara; Dyrstad, Sindre Mikal; Errisuriz, Vanessa; Fairclough, Stuart; Gorely, Trish; Huertas-Delga, Francisco Javier; Johann, Issartel; Kriemler, Susi; Kvalø, Silje Eikanger; Marques-Vidal, Pedro; Martinez-Vizcaino, Vicente; Møller, Niels Christian; Moran, Colin; Morris, John; Nevill, Mary; Ochoa-Avilés, Angélica; O'Leary, Mai; Peralta, Louisa; Pfeiffer, Karin A.; Puder, Jardena; Redondo-Tébar, Andrés; Robbins, Lorraine B.; Sánchez-López, Mairena; Tarp, Jakob; Taylor, Sarah; Tercedor, Pablo; Toftager, Mette; Villa-González, Emilio; Wedderkopp, Niels; Weston, Kathryn Louise; Yin, Zenong; Zhixiong, Zhou; Lonsdale, Chris; del Pozo-Cruz, Borja (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Objectives: To determine if subpopulations of students benefit equally from school-based physical activity interventions in terms of cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity. To examine if physical activity intensity ...
  • Resistance training rejuvenates the mitochondrial methylome in aged human skeletal muscle 

    Ruple, Bradley A; Godwin, Joshua S.; Mesquita, Paulo H. C; Osburn, Shelby C; Vann, Christopher G; Lamb, Donald A; Sexton, Casey L; Candow, Darren G; Forbes, Scott C; Frugé, Andrew D.; Kavazis, Andreas N; Young, Kaelin C; Seaborne, Robert A.; Sharples, Adam; Roberts, Michael D (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Resistance training (RT) dynamically alters the skeletal muscle nuclear DNA methylome. However, no study has examined if RT affects the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) methylome. Herein, ten older, Caucasian untrained males (65 ...

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