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  • Characteristics of functional movement screening testing in elite handball players: Indicative data from the 9+ 

    Rafnsson, ET; Myklebust, Grethe; Bahr, Roald; Valdimarsson, Ö; Frohm, A; Arnason, A (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Objectives: To test 9 + screening batterie's intra-rater reliability, to provide indicative data of elite handball players, and to analyze difference between age, playing positions and level of play. Design: Descriptive ...
  • GDF15 provides an endocrine signal of nutritional stress in mice and humans 

    Patel, Satish; Álvarez-Guaita, Anna; Melvin, Audrey; Rimmington, Debra; Dattilo, Alessia; Miedzybrodzka, Emily L.; Cimino, Irene; Maurin, Anne-Catherine; Roberts, Geoffrey P.; Meek, Claire L.; Virtue, Samuel; Sparks, Lauren M.; Parsons, Stephanie A.; Redman, Leanne M.; Bray, George A.; Liou, Alice P.; Woods, Rachel M.; Parry, Sion A.; Jeppesen, Per Bendix; Kolnes, Anders Jensen; Harding, Heather P.; Ron, David; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Reimann, Frank; Gribble, Fiona M.; Hulston, Carl J.; Farooqi, I. Sadaf; Fafournoux, Pierre; Smith, Steven R.; Jensen, Jørgen; Breen, Danna; Wu, Zhidan; Zhang, Bei B.; Coll, Anthony P.; Savage, David B.; O'Rahilly, Stephen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    GDF15 is an established biomarker of cellular stress. The fact that it signals via a specific hindbrain receptor, GFRAL, and that mice lacking GDF15 manifest diet-induced obesity suggest that GDF15 may play a physiological ...
  • Physical fitness and psychological hardiness as predictors of parasympathetic control in response to stress: a Norwegian police simulator training study 

    Sandvik, Asle Makoto; Gjevestad, Espen Svendsen; Aabrekk, Einar; Öman, Peter H.; Kjendlie, Per-Ludvik; Hystad, Sigurd William; Bartone, Paul T.; Hansen, Anita Lill; Johnsen, Bjørn Helge (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    The individual biopsychological response to a specific stressor is the result of a complex interplay between many different factors including physiology, behavior, and personality. The goal of the present study was to ...
  • Effects of antioxidant-rich foods on altitude-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in elite endurance athletes: A randomized controlled trial 

    Koivisto, Anu; Olsen, Thomas; Paur, Ingvild; Paulsen, Gøran; Bastani, Nasser Ezzatkhah; Garthe, Ina; Raastad, Truls; Matthews, Jason; Blomhoff, Rune; Bøhn, Siv Kjølsrud (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Background: Various altitude training regimes, systematically used to improve oxygen carrying capacity and sports performance, have been associated with increased oxidative stress and inflammation. We investigated whether ...
  • Eccentric cycling does not improve cycling performance in amateur cyclists 

    Paulsen, Gøran; Eidsheim, Hedda; Helland, Christian; Seynnes, Olivier R.; Solberg, Paul Andre; Rønnestad, Bent (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Eccentric cycling training induces muscle hypertrophy and increases joint power output in non-athletes. Moreover, eccentric cycling can be considered a movement-specific type of strength training for cyclists, but it is ...

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